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I’ve moved! (hosts and blog software)

I’ve just finished switching my blog from WordPress on TsoHost to BlogEngine.Net on Arvixe. I got an account with Arvixe following a recommendation from a colleague, who also switched from TsoHost.

The reasons for switching? Well, Arvixe allows me to use .NET 4 and SQL Server databases (which I wanted for an Umbraco CMS site that I’m now running) plus I got a promotional rate from Arvixe. Splendid.

Getting BlogEngine.NET up and running was easy but I did go back and forth trying to get the correct application settings for the server. I had a few HTTP 500 errors with nothing else to go on but experience. The Arvixe control panel is a little bit slow, which was frustrating.

The migration was fairly straightforward – I only had a couple of posts to transfer so I did them manually and then tweaked a little. I’d like to add some pictures to the blog theme – it’s a bit too clean at the moment.

Of course, hosts and blog engines and themes are a means to an end – I’m going to try and get some posts up too!

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