Robin Minto

Software development, security and miscellany

About the author - Robin Minto

I'm a software developer/technical architect working for a logistics company in the UK.

My focus is the Microsoft stack and I (still) enjoy working on C#. That might be ASP.NET webforms or MVC web sites but it also might be WCF webservices and NServiceBus. I'm using PowerShell extensively for server provisioning, in our Hyper-V environment. I also have to dabble in C++ and classic ASP.

Outside of that stack, I use CentOS to run things like Nagios (as part of our monitoring system) and rsync with Puppet for provisioning. At home, I've written various monitoring applications in Python running on RaspberyPI - those feed into statsd and Graphite.

Common to both, I'm also happy in HTML, CSS and Javascript. I'm big on Continuous Deployment.

When I'm not at a computer, I try to be a bit more active. I would love to ski and snowboard all year round but so far I've restricted that to winter in the northern hemisphere. That is, when my fantastic family aren't keeping me busy.

That's a bit about me. I hope the blog is useful.