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"HTML5 basics" presentation

I did a brief presentation entitled "HTML5 basics" at the London .NET User Group Open Mike night on Wednesday. I had a great time!
Open Mike night is intended to introduce new speakers to the community. I've been going to community stuff in London for a couple of years and I thought this was a good opportunity to step up and give something back. There were four other presentations, which were all excellent:
  • Sara Stephens - "Pair programming, the good, the bad and the ugly"
  • James Knowles - "Three years of running a tiny software company.. All my mistakes.."
  • Matt Lacey - "Cross platform mobile app development"
  • Garry Shutler - "Introduction to Sass"
I gained something watching all of them. I hope others got something from my talk. Thanks to Toby for organising the night and to Michelle and EMC Consulting for organising the venue and drinks. So, I wanted to post the resources that I pointed to in the presentation. These are some of the best HTML5 resources that I've found so far: Hope you find them as helpful as I have. EDIT: Toby's blogged about the event and upcoming events and one of the attendees has written a little summary. I'd agree that Sara and Rachel stole the show with their sketch to explain pair programming. I might have to use interpretive dance to describe HTML5 next time!