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"HTML5 basics for app devs" at BarCamp London 8

I’m at my first BarCamp this weekend (BarCamp London 8). I decided to do my "HTML5 basics" presentation again. I think it went quite well – there are a few bits that I could have explained better I think and a projector issue meant that my slides were yellow where they should have been white, but otherwise good. It was a room for 30 and it was standing room only (which is down to interest in HTML5 rather than me of course). Here are the resources that I pointed to in the presentation. These are some of the best HTML5 resources that I've found so far. Hope you find them as helpful as I have. We’re half way through Sunday and I can say that BarCamp has been great. The BCL team are quite practiced at conferences now and everything is running smoothly. It’s pretty remarkable for a free conference. Many thanks to everyone involved.